In June - July 2011, filmmaker Kent C. Williamson traveled on behalf of the Community Films Foundation and the Brian Carderelli Project to Cambodia and Vietnam. There he documented the work being done in rural villages by a team from Vets With A Mission. He spent a week filming as the Vets With A Mission team provided basic healthcare at medical centers in Cambodia and then traveled to Vietnam to visit the newly established Floyd Olsen Medical Clinic in Hong Ha.

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Cambodia & Vietnam - Vets With A Mission

How does one clean the dirt of Uganda from ones heart and mind? Impossible. If you forget the bumpy roads it would be no loss. If you forget the bananas in baskets on the heads of women walking on paths you’ve only lost a beautiful memory. But if you forget the poor, the poorest of the poor in the villages around Jinja, then in a sense you’ve killed them. And if they are dead in memory, why send aid? Why help? And why encourage others to do the same?”

- Kent C. Williamson, from his Ugandan Journal

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